Wednesday, 25 July 2012

This year again I photograph summer concerts in Hluboká nad Vltavou. I may not like all the music but I love these assignments. In several ways. Photographically, I try to restrict myself. Only about 25-30 images. Invisible as much as I can be (this is about the music there and then, not about the after-photos, right?).
Still, I want to bring something home something good. I need to include the physical proofs of festival partners (like roll-ups, etc.) in the context of the artists (festivals are expensive and hard to do without sponsors). And then, get the images of the artists as well. And then, put down the camera and just watch. And listen. And think. Returning home actually feeling that I was at a concert is a good hint of having done it the way I wanted to do it.
And yes, striking the right balance between living the moments as opposed to capturing the moments for later has been a recurring topic of my last weeks. And yes, I did love the "smart" music and sense of humour of those three brothers and their co-players.

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