Blogs, Lanterns and Soccer

I finally got to reworking my blog and making it system-independent from my website and client portfolio. It actually makes things easier for me as I explore other web portfolio options. I returned where I  started - to Google's Blogger. Simple to setup. Not sure what took me so long.

The wedding season is over for me. I still work on several wedding books but do not expect to photograph these events anymore this year. Time to play with my cameras... Seriously. I decided to change some settings in my cameras and now I use different fingers to autofocus and to press the shutter. Kind of cool, once you get used to it. Kind of not-so-cool, before you get used to it. Actually, it gives you more control once you can control and coordinate your hand. I am still working on it. Need to practise every day.

And I also installed Magic Lantern into my cameras. Even more control and options. Not that I need all of them... Also more info about my cameras. Such as... the number of photos taken with my Canon 5D Mark II since I bought it on 26 February 2011 is... almost 87 000. Well... I only kept 24 000 according to my Lightroom. My grandfather's archive contains about 1000 negatives that he processed over about 25 years... Well...

So I ran out to take more photos for the Hlubok√° photostock. Soccer this time. The one from yesterday. Calendar mistake. I spent around 60 minutes there, saw 3 goals and heard a lot of interesting f-words. What(the-f...)ever....

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