Shifting focus - weddings to softball

Saturday morning. I wake up and check the weather forecast quickly. Yellow, bright, nicely rounded sun. One look outside to see the screen - live stream mismatch. This year's weddings just attract rain. I scored 13 out of 15. It snowed during the 14th (actually the first). Still, great fun and as if the rain asked for mood improvements ("no way the rain spoils my day").
Radka and Jan today. Neighbours. I did not have to travel almost anywhere. Their house is just 5 minutes from our house. The church is less than a 10 minute drive. Not too many church weddings happening here in the Czech Republic. I understand it (the majority of people here are atheists or agnostics). But frankly, the civil marriages are a sort of a belt production, whereas there is no wedding couples queue at the church on a Saturday. Slowing down at a wedding day is good. Especially when you hear from the very morning how hectic the day is.

About 4 hours of shooting and I am back. A quick look at the calendar. There is supposed to be a soccer game in Hlubok√° and I still do not have enough sport images. I pack my Canons 50D (the 5D mark II is just too slow for sports), 300/4 and 70-200/2.8, both TCs for some reach and a monopod. What a surprise when I arrive to the fields. Empty. Well, I move on the the softball field since I see something going on. Well, no local teams playing but still, I stay a while and shoot around 150 photos. I only keep these two. Going back to shooting more sports is one of the wedding post-season plans.

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