Star trails and sports

Last Thursday I was supposed to set off for a very long and busy weekend. No photography, only manual work on the roof of our weekend house. The many hands of our family managed to get the work done in only two days. I washed myself on Friday night and since the sky was clear, I drove back to Hluboka to take a star-trails photo of the Hlubok√° castle. I had a plan, knew how to set up everything. But I was also really tired after the two days. I spent over two hours on the hill opposite the castle, with my camera in intervalometer mode. I actually fell asleep twice, for more than 30 minutes. It was rather cold so at half past midnight I packed everything, drove home and went straight to bed.... only to find out I was not quite there when setting up the camera last night. Shooting into JPGs instead of RAWs, did not make proper multiple exposures of the castle to make sure nothing is blown away and did not take a wide enough lens to see the round trails in the skies... Seems like I have been accummulating the strike-outs recently... I wonder what my batting average in my experiments of the last two months is... I think I need a physical checklist for moments like these...

On Sunday afternoon I went to take some sport photos for my friends. Rugby and softball. Working on the decisive moment and on the angles is good practice. Not only for sports. It sort of helps me be aware of the layers in the scene, motions and positons. I certainly recommend that. And it is also great editing practice. While these self-assignments are not critical, I like to be even tougher with myself. Work fast. Edit. Deliver early. Publish. Advertise. Make your images useful and sustainable.

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