This year I am running a two-part personal portrait project. I enjoy walking when talking to people and want to do more specific portrait work this year. Hence, "The breakfasts on the hill" and "Self". Instead of meeting people in a café to discuss the ideas for portraits, we walk up to the hill nearby and have a bit of hot tea. I take a few portraits already there, also with a medium format film camera. Later on we arrange a photo session to capture the "self" of the person, in a series of images, usually in the studio setup.
I realize the complexity of the assignment, and I like it. This is not meant to earn money. It is meant to help me slow down and explore. People, places, techniques, skills.
If you do not mind walking early in the morning, in any weather and would feel like having a few portraits from me, just like that, let me know.
Here is how it may look. Or, how it looked for Hanka, a person how loves getting up early, never stops moving and never stops laughing...
(click on the photo to see larger versions)

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