Hanka, landscape portrait

Hanka has been pregnant for 23 weeks now. I photograph her family regularly, since her daughter Eliška was born.

This is when I actually started running my “Watch me grow” projects. It is a perfect chance to keep in touch with people regularly and also give the families a chance to be in the photographs together. Family photography is a long term thing which is hard to fix later on. At a point in our lives we are all interested in how we looked when we were kids, how our parents looked when we were born. Everyday snapshots are great but what if you have a family photographer that comes for a coffee and and a photo sessions once in a while, supplies you with a few portraits, keeps the archive safe and available and provides you with prints or photobooks upon request.

We talked about an outside portrait in the mist and did not cancel even though the morning was cloudy and air clear. A wonderful start of the day for early birds…


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