Interior design photography

A tiny interior designed by a friend of mine for a friend of hers. I like doing interior photography now as it helps me explore the light in these places, the ways it mixes together, the moods it creates, even though we might not perceive its different qualities with our eyes. The color, the intensity, the direction, the reflections, they are simply frozen for me in one photo.

All the images were shot from a tripod, usualy in 3-5 bracketed exposures to capture the maximum of the available light, merged into a 32bit TIFF and then retouched, enhanced and light-painted in Lightroom. I have got the highlights and the shadows to work with and it enables me to reconstruct the mood of the place. And in spite of having so much data to work with, less is as usual much more.

001 _K7A3119_20_21006 _K7A3229_30_31_32_33-Edit003 _K7A3153_4_5_6_7 Panorama004 _K7A3158_59_60_61_62 Panorama005 _K7A3203_4_5_6_7001 _K7A3173_4_5_6_7002 _K7A3148_49_50_51_52 Panorama


  1. Paráda! Strašně mě baví fotky interiérů.. :)

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