Birds over the Zlivský pond

I worked until 2 a.m. last night and so I was lazy and slow this morning to leave at 5:30 for another haul. When I was driving there, I was trying to find all kinds of excuses, like “I already have plenty / the weather is not good / I will still get at least something”. When I arrived to the place, I was banging my head with the longest lens from my bag. The vibrant colors, flocks of white herons, dark skies, a bit of sun reflecting in the clouds. Come early, stay long. I rule I try to apply as much as I can. Well, not enough.

Anyways, I just stayed for a bit to watch the birds, and that was fun. I did not come that late and the herons and gulls were still flying around, feeding themselves, before sort of coming to stop. And on my way back I stopped once again to watch a flock of pigeons dancing in sync in the wind. Fascinating. I only left when the formation fell apart.

Tomorrow morning I go hunt the light early enough. To save my lens and my head. Sure thing.

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  2. Thank you for sharing with us, nice pictures keep going, keep doing