Hanka, David & Tonda

I had a chance, after a short break, to photograph a family portrait in my studio. After a bit of a warm-up, Tonda started exploring the place. A key, toys, masks, stairs, the black backdrop… He kept moving and so did we. And I got some of the most fun images towards the end of the hour we spent together. And all three are such a beautiful and relaxed family. How could such a photoshoot NOT be fun…

And on a technical note… when I started photographing families in the studio, I was trying to figure out the best lighting scheme. Softbox here, octa there, streak of light on the backdrop. Going too complicated just does not work. I simply put too large softboxes against each other with little spill on the background and try to keep the action in between, basically creating a white box in a black box, with enough space to run, slide and jump. I have been consistent for about a year, and I simply like the dimensionality, flexibility and ease of focus on expressions.

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