Sunshine hauls

I do many other things but the latest blogposts might seem like I just spend all of my time at the ponds. The thing is that I set off early to be back early and it is such a perfect start of the day. The Friday morning was incredible. Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. I ordered myself not to publish any more hauls but I truly believe these images are worth sharing. First, these are different people, a different company, different mood. It really shows. Not that it would be better. Just different. And second, the light is just what you would imagine if I talked about autumn hauls. The funny thing is that not many people come to see the most poetic part of the craft that has not changed much throughout time.

I used all sorts of lens this time 70-200/2.8, 300/4, teleconverted or not, as well as the reliable 24-105/4, and I totally enjoyed the morning. I plan to go to a few more, and I promise to share only something trully kitsch next time.

001 _K7A5231002 _K7A5236003 _K7A5246004 _K7A5270005 _K7A5275006 _K7A5278007 _K7A5294008 _K7A5304009 _K7A5329010 _K7A5353011 _K7A5393012 _K7A5415013 _K7A5457014 _K7A5466015 _K7A5483016 _K7A5520

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