Between baseball and rugby

I was very much looking forward to the very last Sunday for quite some time when looking into my calendar. The second round of baseball home games in Hluboká and the first rugby league game this spring. In spite the two events somewhat overlapped, I managed to see both. Fun to observe the differences, and the similarities. No matter what the results were, I saw hustling athletes and a number of spectacular plays. Hungry players, in spite of the mild snowless winter. Lots of respect, right there.
And a bit of "I, I, I" reflection on how I did. The goal was to stay focused on the peak moments as a photographer, not as a fan. Easier planned than done. One would think that with my 20-year experience with baseball, the club, the team and the players it will be a smooth ride through the game with dozens of keepers. Well, I am actually pushing myself to watch the game through the lens, and hitting my head with a monopod every time I get excited about a slide or a double play and forget about the camera. And the rugby, well... I am still sort of running around. I know the rules, I know the players a bit better, I nailed some of the angles, but not much anticipation going on in my head. Maybe I need a players roster in my pocket, a list of players stuck to my lens and a bit of eavesdropping before the game. The number of images I bring home is still huge. I admit that sometimes I simply rely on "spray and pray", especially in the moments of desperation. I also realize that these are almost always straightforward deletes. Sometimes I get a lucky image, a "by-the-way" idea that I try to imitate next time. Are the gigabytes worth it? I would still say yes, as long as the final edit is down to just a few edited images.
Well, aren't both sports ideal for practicing photography? And next time I plan to do something even more fun. Like setting up a remote controlled camera on the other side of the field, down low or high up...