Hlubocky zpravodaj covers

I have been photographing the cover pages for a small local newsletter, Hlubocký zpravodaj, since May 2008. In a sense, it is a map of my full-time photography job, a map of my trials and errors, a map of my still knowing nothing about photography. And long-term self-assignments like these work as anchors in moments when you think the time has come to drop the camera and move on.
But mostly, these images remind me of the many interesting people that live around me, and the many I still have not got a chance to talk to and photograph.
There are 62 covers and a few might be missing, especially from the earlier years. I am glad I wrote to my current edditor back then, offering to photograph every month. Hlubocký zpravodaj is no National Geographic, no Time, no Vogue, but it took me to places and people that I would not have met otherwise. And having more than 62 covers of one and the same monthly magazine in the last 6 years is definitely no reason to complain.

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