Cynthia & Alex

Cynthia contacted me earlier this year as she and Alex were looking for an English speaking photographer to photograph their engagement session in České Budějovice. We met, discussed some ideas and agreed on early May, early morning. Cynthia also shared a list of places around the town she would like to stop at during our photo walk.
Even though the weather forecast app in my phone insisted on being rainy, it was actually a very pleasant, sunny and not so cold morning. Cynthia and Alex made it really easy for me. They kept close to each other, talked and laughed. I again realized a few things – there are places in the town that I ignore photographically and I should not, my English is getting rusty which I do not enjoy, morning dew can be quite wet (I almost forgot) and I should do more photoshoots like this one. It is fun and it makes sense. Cynthia, Alex, thanks a lot.

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