Claudia & Daniel

Claudia & Daniel were getting married at the end of September and asked me to spend the whole day with them. When we chatted during our pre-wedding meeting, I was sure to expect another fun wedding day. And, actually, the day surpassed my expectations.

I love photographing the preparations as they give me an opportunity to get to know the family and friends around the couple. Starting at 7 a.m. at Claudia’s place was really something. There was so much laughing, everybody was so kind, even if still waking up and in a dressing gown.

There were wonderful moments to photograph, and there was this little something going on between Claudia and Daniel throughout the day. That spark that made them laugh together, touch each other’s hands, keep close. You would think this is normal on a wedding day, and it is, but as I photograph weddings more and more, I learn to see those special little things that tell you those two were meant for each other.

It was one of the days when the story is simply there, unraveling in front of the camera, and I was just riding that wave.

And there was this very special thing for me as well. Everybody called me “Jan” from the very morning - the parents, Claudia’s sisters and friends… It really made me feel included in the event and I enjoyed every bit of it, as a photographer, and as a person. Thank you, Claudia & Daniel.


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