Ingrid & Gernot

When we talked with Ingrid and Gernot during the pre-wedding meeting, they told me they were the first from their circle of friends to get married and that was why they did not have much collected experience from other couples. They picked a wonderful place, a small castle surrounded with a nice park and organized everything in there.

Weddings can sometimes be very hectic, intense events, where things constantly move here and there. But there is always something special about a wedding, where things move forward with lots of laughs and joy but still somewhat relaxed and quietly. This was definitely the case of Ingrid’s and Gernot’s wedding day. I felt there was always something to photograph but I still had time to look around and enjoy every moment of taking the images.

Ingrid and Gernot are a remarkable couple with lots of respect and love for each other and people around them. And I was very happy to be a part of their wedding day.


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