Verena & Florian, pre-wedding session

I have met Verena and Florian last year when I photographed the wedding of Verena’s brother. I was really happy to be given the opportunity to get to meet the couple again, this time for a few pre-wedding portraits. The Donau “home beach”, as they called it, was beautifully wrapped in evening sun and this is where we started. Donau is no ocean but the passing by boat sent a few waves our way just at the right time. We added some more images just outside a large garden fence.

In the last years I realized that I really like those short but intensive photo sessions where we create 3-4 situations, we try to have fun and half an hour later go back to our lifes without cameras. This has also worked so well for wedding portraits – I like to remind myself that the images serve to support the memory of the couple and should not take over the purpose of the day.


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