I have been creating images for over 20 years and went through many personal projects that helped me learn. I have done a 365, collecting an image every day. I have been a full time professional photographer for over 7 years and realized that while I see myself as generalist, I am attracted to making rather than taking images, and also like to work in a team and divide work. Now, with my fellow image creator (former assistant) Adam Růžička (http://adamruzicka.tumblr.com/), we set off for a weekly challenge of “Landscapes that never were”.

We decided to combine photography, photorealistic modelling, videography, compositing and retouching to explore our ideas, thoughts, learning process, craftsmanship and limitis of cooperation in creative endavours. We plan to take turns in proposing the initial idea, discussing it and redefining it, and than finalizing the image for every Monday. And we sometimes try something more.

Animated “Lost”, from the weekly series “Scapes that never were”

“Lost” was composited from a real landscape near Kamenny Ujezd (CZE), and several 3D objects (balloon, diving mask, birds), retouched, color corrected


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