Landscape work of the past week

South Bohemia might not be the most monumental landscape but it is definitely very intimate, poetic and inviting for early morning or late evening roamings. I am a very lucky photographer, the universality of my work challenges me in the studio, in the 3D world, as well as on location. There, not always is the light perfect, but there is always something to work on.

Oftentimes I am attracted to being a specialized photographer but the universality of the assignments actually makes me a harder-working photographer. In the end, it is the story in the image, or rather the way I see the stories, that brings the specialization.

The last week reminded me of how much I love the mornings, wet shoes, the warm sunrise as much as the cold mist.

Stromy na horizontu u Hlincovy HoryBýk na pastvině u Hlincovy Hory2016-04-16-0644582016-04-16-082909Kráva s telatyPasoucí se srnčíVolavka letící nad rybníkem

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