Meeting at the river

I have been involved in the local Zachraňme Malák (www.zachranmemalak.cz) movement for over a year, helping out with images, videos, graphic design as well as contributing to the communication strategy of the team.

The initiative asks for a public discussion regarding anti-flood measures by the Malše river, raises doubts and questions regarding the current project approach, accents the preservation of a vast green area along the river.

What impresses me is the professionalism and distribution of skills in the group – technical & construction, legal matters, PR… as well as the consistency in the form – using constructive to-the-point wordings based on well referenced facts, keeping the heads calm and tones firm but respecting, and understanding the need for compromise.

The process has had its wins and defeats, highs and lows, now seemingly on the more positive side. At the same time, it is a process that totally enjoys keeping us on the toes, healing much of the idealism and naïvity regarding local politics.

The few below images are also a part of my transformation process – from Canon to Fuji (more to come on that later), from heavy to light, from far to near, from meaningful to more meaningful.. and to improved storytelling.


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